Managed Security

PROTECT your employees, your devices, and your data.

Around-the-clock network protection.

Around-the-clock network protection.


Fortress Security Risk Management Managed Security services help protect your organization from cyberattack. 

Your organization’s laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and servers are always under attack by cyber criminals looking to steal your valuable business data. Allowing your endpoints to be vulnerable is like always leaving your windows and doors unlocked. Eventually, someone will get in.

Being cyber secure means doing the basics very, very well. Fortress SRM will keep your endpoints protected with best-in-class Managed and Monitored Patching, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Backup, and Managed SIEM. We have the people and tools that relieve your IT team of the administrative burden associated with supporting your endpoints so they can work on more strategic projects.

  • 68

    of organizations say the frequency of endpoint attacks has increased over the past 12 months. (Ponemon, 2020)
  • 28

    of compromised businesses confirmed that attackers had gained access through enterprise endpoints. (OpenText, 2020)
  • 60

    of data breach victims said they were breached due to an unpatched software vulnerability, where an available patch was known about for 18 months and not applied. (Ponemon Institute, 2019)
  • 60

    Traditional antivirus products missed an average of 60% of endpoint attacks. (Ponemon, 2020)

Driving security by orchestrating people, processes, and technology.

By holistically integrating top strategists and engineers with proven processes and best-in-class technology monitored 24/7/365 onshore by certified security professionals, Fortress provides the confidence that your network, business data, and endpoints are protected around-the-clock.

Leading on Cybersecurity

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