End-of-Life for Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client effective April 2, 2024

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DNSFILTER vs. Cisco Umbrella, Cloudflare Gateway & Open DNS: What’s the Difference?

DNSFilter is the only DNS threat protection providing real-time domain analysis that results in protection from more threats. DNSFilter detects zero-day threats an average of 7 days before traditional threat feeds.

Though basic Cisco Umbrella features appear simple to configure, customers report encountering errors that can take days to resolve. In contrast, DNSFilter customers have repeatedly expressed that configuring DNSFilter is simple, its interface is easy to understand, and phenomenal customer support is available in the rare occasion it’s needed. Additionally, Cisco has announced the End of Life of the Umbrella Roaming Client software effective April 2, 2024 and is suggesting Cisco Secure Client as an alternative to Umbrella as it provides similar capabilities. Cloudflare Gateway’s DNS filtering capabilities are meant to integrate with their Access subscription. Because of this it is bare bones and lacks several features:

  • NO detailed reporting by user
  • NO bulk management of allow & block lists
  • NO business-grade rollup reports

Lacking these features just isn’t an option. It basically means you have no visibility into your network and can’t be flexible as needs change across departments.

DNSFilter has become the leader in DNS security, with features that rival OpenDNS.
While other OpenDNS alternatives often leave you with a less-sophisticated
solution, DNSFilter does what OpenDNS can do and more.

DNSFilter’s mission has always been to do one thing and do it well. While other
competitors may have a host of offerings, it usually means that their DNS filtering
service doesn’t get the full attention it deserves.

Check out how the features stack up:

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