Pre-attack Assessment Model (PaAM)

Cyber maturity propelled by effective cyber resiliency.

Many times, organizations experience a cyber breach even though they have “passed” regulatory and compliance audits. That is why it is so vital for leadership to leverage the Fortress SRM Pre-attack Assessment Model (PaAM). 

The Fortress SRM PaAM engagement is laser-focused on current events and goes deeper than checklists that simply highlight potential vulnerabilities. The PaAM analysis leads to specific, detailed recommendations and remediation tactics needed to protect your organization from ransomware, unauthorized data extraction, phishing, and other exceedingly insidious attacks. 

PaAM exposes areas that are often blind to you because you have “checked a box” on a cyber insurance application or compliance audit. PaAM analyzes both your cybersecurity maturity AND capability, providing you with a multi-faceted agenda, not anecdotal suggestions. This means we are not only looking at your technical proficiency, but your process and leadership capabilities. All three must be top-notch to effectively avoid and respond to critical incidents. 




  • Generates value-based and prioritized remediation tactics that target the most critical vulnerabilities that lead to a breach. 
  • A C-Suite and Boardroom-ready executive report with crystal clear findings and recommendations.
  • A roadmap maximizing time and budgets.
  • Complete examination of your current-state technology stack, configuration, and gap analysis.
  • Questionnaire-Interview (Q-I) sessions with key stakeholders, not just the IT team.
  • Threat Intelligence (TI) gathering exposing potential unknown threats and vulnerabilities roaming your environment.



  • Stakeholder Q&A sessions to understand organizational resiliency and preparedness.
  • A proven assessment focused on your people, process, and technology. 
  • Insight into your current Incident Response capabilities.
  • Policy and Standards review highlighting any gaps in procedural, privacy, and protection efficacy.
  • "What if" scenario building and action plan.

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Fortress SRM has extensive experience and exceptional expertise from the mid-market to the Fortune 500, across industries as diverse as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, distribution and shipping, retail, business services, and education. For our diverse clients, we deliver actionable cybersecurity advice, and review, suggest, and implement technology solutions.