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Award-winning Cybersecurity Services

Fortress Security Risk Management provides cybersecurity as a service so you can protect your organization from malicious activity.

  • Extend your data security protection and lower your security costs with subscription pricing
  • Get your organization up to speed quickly
  • Receive both depth and breadth of cybersecurity skills
  • Gain improvements in the people, process, and technology aspects of security

Fortress Cybersecurity as a Service focuses on sound data security practices that are practical and achievable, including:

Cybersecurity Assessment, measured against best practice cybersecurity frameworks: ISO27001, NIST, or one based on your industry
Security Plan Development with a “run-book” that identifies how to react to a security breach
Cyber Tracking Software to handle risk compliance and security management with best-in-class security software
Cyber-Attack Simulations to identify gaps in response, practice technical and managerial responses, and review communication structure and content
Quarterly Cybersecurity Briefings to update you on the latest security threats and update your security plan
Discounted Hourly Rates on other Fortress services
Employee Training Programs that keep your team prepared

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