Cybersecurity as a Service

Get the highest degree of data security with the least amount of risk – affordably.

You're not planning to fail, so don't fail to plan.

Security starts with awareness, and Fortress SRM Cybersecurity as a Service can help you understand your security maturity.

Fortress SRM Cybersecurity as a Service is a subscription program that extends your data security protection and lowers your security costs.

Cybersecurity is complex because the cyber threat landscape is always changing; cyber-attacks are increasing in size and number; and the skills needed oversee your organization’s security are very specialized. Plus, managing data security and privacy have such high compliance standards, regulatory demands, and legal liabilities, that organizations can no longer place the responsibility of cybersecurity on one person, or even one team. Cybersecurity is the responsibility of the entire organization, from top to bottom.

Cybersecurity as a Service is a comprehensive, yet affordable, way to assess your organization’s cyber maturity, develop a security plan around identified vulnerabilities, learn what immediate actions to take to address critical risks, and practice what to do in the event of a breach.


Fortress SRM Cybersecurity as a Service:

  • Gets your organization up to speed quickly
  • Offers both depth and breadth of cybersecurity skills
  • Recommends improvements in the people, process, and technology aspects of security

Fortress SRM Cybersecurity as a Service focuses on sound data security practices that are practical and achievable, including:

  • Cybersecurity Assessment: An in-depth security program assessment is measured against best practice cybersecurity frameworks: ISO27001, NIST, or one based on your industry or company preference.
  • Security Plan Development: We’ll develop a cybersecurity protection plan and “run-book” that identifies the scope, steps, processes, and resources required to properly react to a security breach.
  • Cyber Tracking Software: Your requirements for compliance and the governance of risk and security management are handled using best-in-class security software.
  • Cyber-Attack Simulations: Called Table-Top Exercises, these simulations bring together your Incident Response Team to identify gaps in response, practice technical and managerial responses, and review the coordination and communication structure and content.


  • Quarterly Cybersecurity Briefing: We keep you aware of the latest security threats and review the processes and procedures in your plan to keep you confidently prepared.
  • Discounted Hourly Rates: As a participant in the Cyber as a Service Subscription Program, you will receive a discounted rate package on other Fortress SRM services.
  • Employee Training Programs: Employee training is an investment is your overall security prevention program because 80% of breaches are initially caused by employee carelessness.

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Fortress SRM has extensive experience and exceptional expertise from the mid-market to the Fortune 500, across industries as diverse as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, distribution and shipping, retail, business services, and education. For our diverse clients, we deliver actionable cybersecurity advice, and review, suggest, and implement technology solutions.